• Williams' Family Reunion
  • CW5 Lee Franklin's Retirement Ceremony
  • Girls Inc. Soccer Teams
         (U8 & U10)
  • Fitzpatrick & Jackson Pre-Prom Pictures
  • Stacey Baker & Family
  • National Medical Association
  • Gamm Psi Boule`
  • Collins Family
  • Waverly Hall Telephone Company
  • Terry's Wedding
  • Simpson's Wedding
  • Aflac's Christmas Parties
  • Sally Little League Baseball
  • Northeast Packers Football
      ...and more
About Me
I have been interested in photography since the first time I picked up a camera and took my first set of pictures about 38 years ago. Thus began a love affair with photography that continues to this day.
From the beginning I would shoot about eleven rolls of  film weekly, taking pictures of any and everything.... eventually learning to develop the pictures on my own. I was a self-taught photographer until I studied with the New York Institute of Photography. Then came the opening of my studio in my two bedroom apartment.  That was how it all started, I'm still a home office business but I lease a studio in the Rankin Art Center on Broadway.
I enjoy applying my special unique style to all my work, giving portraits and group work a vivid, living character that really makes them pop.